Wind Chill Medical Team Expands

The Wind Chill are excited to announce that three physicians will be working with the team season as part of a greater network of health, training, and wellness partners.

Alex Senk, Brionn Tonkin, and Jason Eggers will make up the staff of board certified and subspecialty trained physicians working to help the Wind Chill prevent and treat injuries, optimize performance, and maximize recovery this season.

With extensive backgrounds in a wide variety of practices such as orthopedics, musculoskeletal, brain injury, sports medicine and rehabilitation, the physicians will provide the Wind Chill with care that is unrivaled in the AUDL.

It’s not just their breadth of practice that makes them a great partner for the Wind Chill either.

The trio also has experience working within the ultimate frisbee community–– something that sets them apart among their peers.

Dr. Alexander Senk

Dr. Senk became the team physician for perennial club powerhouse, San Francisco Fury, in 2015. Drawn by the integrity and energy of the sport, he quickly took on more and bigger roles–– acting as team physician for the USA Masters Men’s and Women’s teams and the assistant team physician for the USA Men’s and Women’s teams at the 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships in London, England. He’s also worked as the medical director of the US Open Championships for a number of years and the 2019 D-1 College Championships.

The US Open also paved the way for the other two physicians that will be working with the team.

Dr. Jason Eggers

Dr. Eggers first exposure to the sport of ultimate was through his work at the US Open. Pairing that with his experience in the orthopedic department at the University of Minnesota, his practical skills and knowledge of the sport’s movements will certainly help him propel the Wind Chill to their peak.

Dr. Brionn Tonkin

This is also where Dr. Tonkin got his first ultimate exposure. He brings an additional array of experience that will provide a value to the Wind Chill as well, bolstering a resume that includes NFL neurotrauma and multiple varsity teams at local educational institutions.

“We’re super excited to have these three professionsals on our sidelines this year. Their experience is incredible, and the fact that they’ve been intimately involved with the sport for some time makes them an invaluable addition. They’re certainly going to ensure our players are always performing at their best and providing the best possible results for our awesome fans,” General Manager Ben Feldman said.