The Burning Bird Podcast Features Head Coach Pat Hammonds

Our feathery friends in the same state, the Philadelphia Phoenix, have a podcast titled 'The Burning Bird'. In May, Phoenix announcer Steve Lienert, Harvish Mehta, and stadium host Alex "Shaggy" Shragis invited our Head Coach Pat Hammonds onto the show. 

A coach today and a player in June of 2018, Coach Hammonds provided a unique perspective on the game while Shaggy, Steve, and Harvish embarked in their usual shenanigans. Harvish goes on a rant about how good Max Sheppard is, Shaggy gushes on Nardelli, and Steve and Coach Hammonds share war stories about Flyers Penguins games. 

Plus, get a breakdown on the 2018 Nix and Thunderbird roster constructions, and learn why Bailey Saul, the play by play commentator for the Phoenix in 2018, said that Pat talked some of the biggest smack on the field. 

You can listen to the podcast below: