Wefunder Update

The AUDL has already raised over $340,000 via our crowdfunding raise on Wefunder, an online investing platform. Through the Wefunder campaign, fans are being given the unique opportunity to invest in a pro sports league. The AUDL was founded in 2012 and in that time has grown to 22 teams across North America with a TV deal with Fox Sports, and over a million social media followers. Below are some of the reasons that the AUDL will be a big player in the sports world in the future. 

Data and Tech Driven
Proprietary data and stats app to create new fan experiences
Ability to partner with external betting companies
Subsidiary developing gaming products
Product pipeline has casual fan game (Play10) and high-end video game akin to FIFA/Madden
Opportunity to add more proprietary stats and biometrics through wearables

Action Sport Built for Media’s Future
Fast-paced sport with numerous highlights
Games last ~2 hours
Full games can be re-broadcast in one-hour segments, ideal for new audiences
Ability to grow fan base with our current linear broadcast partner, Fox Sports
Established proprietary live stream platform, AUDL.tv
Global audience, easily translated

Low Cost, Innovative and Inclusive
22 teams in North America provides economies of scale
Players have modest compensation, are local to teams and games are played within close geographic proximity
AUDL leadership has strong business background and track record of innovation
AUDL Inclusion Initiative and Foundation are active in education, diversity and inclusion

Young Audience + Dynamic Athletes|
Young: 92% of social media fans are <35
Sport has fans in all continents
Our athletes showcase their speed, jumping ability and precise hand-eye coordination
Layout catches and soaring D’s are the centerpiece of our highlights
A core goal is to increase diversity of athlete pool

We want this investment to be accessible to all types of investors, from small to large, with varying levels of investing experience. This equity offering will raise a maximum of $1,069,998 with investors able to purchase Series C Common Units beginning at the $150 level. Investment perks range from the $250 to $10,000 level and include varying combinations of an official ownership certificate, AUDL swag, all access tickets, AUDL.tv subscriptions and an invitation to the AUDL Zoom owner’s meetings. A full list of perks for different investment levels can be found on the official Wefunder page.

We hope that our new Series C investors will join our team as advocates to help make AUDL professional ultimate the top team action sport, for everyone.

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