AUDL Releases Results of Women's Survey

April 18, 2023

The AUDL has released the results of a women’s survey conducted during the 2022 season. The report tracked data from 40 female respondents, including league staff, team employees and owners, and referees. The survey was conducted in collaboration with the AUDL Inclusion Initiative (Aii) and Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, the official team physicians of the Philadelphia Phoenix.

“This initiative signifies the AUDL’s commitment to listening, learning and improving the league for people of all backgrounds,” said Dr. Christina Lee Chung, Philadelphia Phoenix Co-Owner, AUDL Chief Medical Officer, and Aii Co-Chair. “Women across the league appreciated the opportunity to share their honest opinions in a seamless way. We are getting so many things right, but we also have areas where we need to get better. And I think as long as we are actively working toward absolute equality, the AUDL represents a leader in the professional sports industry.”

“Rothman Orthopaedics is really excited to be a part of this initiative with the AUDL and its mission to diversify this sport,” said Dr. Sommer Hammoud, Sports Medicine Surgeon at Rothman Orthopaedics and Head Team Physician of the Philadelphia Phoenix. “Similar to the world of orthopedics, the AUDL has made huge strides in growing this game but there is always room for improvement. I look forward to continuing to work with Christina and the other members of Aii on ways we can implement the survey responses.”

The survey found that the AUDL is a supportive environment for women and, in general, women’s voices play a significant role in business and team decisions. Respondents felt the league and teams were actively committed to improving the gender gap in sports through expanded growth opportunities and seeing female leaders thrive throughout the AUDL.

“One of the best parts of stepping into the [General Manager] role...was seeing and hearing from other women who are involved in the leadership across the AUDL,” said one respondent. “I felt less alone in my fight for change and growth. I got to hear what other teams are doing and I felt more heard.”

The survey also provided insight into areas of opportunity for the league, including more support for pregnant staff and new mothers, accommodations and facility accessibility during team travel, community programs, and enhanced learning and development platforms. The AUDL has instituted an action plan to improve these areas and create sustainable practices for gender equality moving forward, including hosting women’s sessions at team owners meetings and networking opportunities at league events.

The Aii strives to increase racial and cultural diversity and inclusion in the sport of ultimate by engaging communities of color and partnering with people who share the same mission. To learn more, visit the Aii page on the AUDL website.

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