Important AUDL.TV Subscription Update

April 11, 2019

Dear AUDL.TV fans,

First and foremost: Thank you for your patience last weekend. We know we did not deliver a good streaming experience in our debut, as many of you couldn’t watch our first two games of the season due to streaming difficulties on our end. Saturday night we moved our streams to YouTube, and immediately started working on a solution to provide good broadcasts.

By Monday morning we had a new contract in place and our team started working on building a new AUDL.TV platform from scratch to meet our standards set before the season. The good news is that it will be ready for the game tomorrow night. We are migrating all of you to our new platform. You will receive an email later today that will ask you to create a new password, and the new AUDL.TV site will be live! You will not need to do anything with your credit cards as everything is being migrated for us by Stripe. Again: Thank you for your patience. We are putting our best efforts into this program, and our new service will have a much stronger streaming backend to handle the large number of fans!

The new site can be accessed at but will return as tonight! If you have issues please email me directly at

Thanks again for subscribing to AUDL.TV.

VP of Marketing Tim DeByl and everyone at AUDL.TV