Players To Watch: Week 4

April 26, 2019
by Matt Rezin

Another slate of 8 games for week 4 in the AUDL. The East Division kicks off action with a few of their teams playing their first games of the season. The AUDL season is underway for every franchise! Catch the action on

Friday, April 26

Seattle Cascades at San Diego Growlers - 10:00 PM/ET

  • Peter Geertz-Larson (SEA) —  Through two games for the Cascades this season Geertz-Larson has 9 goals, though he's only touched the disc 21 times. Watch out for him tonight, he'll probably be near the endzone. 
  • Will Turner (SD) — Turner has done it all for the Growlers D-line this season. Playing ~20 points in each game thus far he's averaged around a goal, block and assist in each game this season. He'll look to push his plus/minus further up the team leaderboards later this evening. 

Saturday, April 27

Toronto Rush at Ottawa Outlaws - 2:00 PM/ET

  • Remi Ojo (TOR) —  After playing in only two games in the 2018 season due to injury, Ojo is ready to get back to action in 2019. The Rush took care of me this week, check out their great Player to Watch profile on Ojo from earlier this week.
  • Derek Alexander (OTT) — Alexander played all 14 games for his Outlaws in 2018, leading the team as their primary handler. 7th in the league in 2018 with 4.71 assists per game, the Outlaws will look to their veteran to be the rock of their offense for another full season.

Indianapolis AlleyCats at Detroit Mechanix - 5:45 PM/ET

  • Levi Jacobs (IND) —  Jacobs is doing it all for the Cats offense in their first two games, scoring 6 assists and 7 goals for Indy's experienced offensive line. In week 4 they travel to Detroit for a rematch of their hard-fought week 3 contest, and you can count on Jacobs to have a few goals and assists each. 
  • Andrew Sjogren (DET) — Scoring an assist and 8 goals on 15 touches last week, Sjogren played error free ultimate (in the box score) for the Mechanix offensive line. With Mark Whitton inactive this weekend Sjogren may have to throw more completions than his goals caught this weekend!

New York Empire at Philadelphia Phoenix - 6:00 PM/ET

  • Harper Garvey (NY) —  Garvey is back at the head of the Empire handler set in 2019, he scored 5 assists in week 3 while tossing 23 more completions than the next busiest handler. Some of his teammates have gotten more press early this year but when it's gametime, Garvey will have the disc in his hands, making the important decisions and pinpoint hucks to get the Empire back to the playoffs.
  • Mike Arcata (PHI) — Arcata got off to a strong start for his 2019 season in week 2, scoring a block, 4 assists and 2 goals during the road trip to DC. While most of the team plays with their line, Arcata goes both ways and makes a big impact whenever he's on the field.

Raleigh Flyers at Atlanta Hustle - 7:00 PM/ET

  • David Richardson (RAL) —  With 4 Ds and more D points than any other Flyer, Richardson is the anchor of the Flyers defense. He makes things happen after the turn too, notching 3 goals and an assist earned in a South division where every game is going to be a battle this season. 
  • Christian Olsen (ATL) — A Hustle veteran since 2015, Christian Olsen plays both ways and has already had a big impact on the team this season, averaging a plus/minus of 5 in two impressive performances (4a, 1g, 1b vs. TB | 1a, 1g, 3b vs RAL). 

Pittsburgh Thunderbirds at Minnesota Wind Chill - 7:00 PM/ET

  • Jimmy Towle (PIT) —  Towle had a strong start to his 2019 season in Madison in week 3. Scoring 3 assists, 3 goals, and a block. Towle's effort was a huge part of the Thunderbirds production to keep the game close through three quarters. The birds are on the road again this weekend and match up against a tough Wind Chill team who is just as eager to prove they belong at the top of the Midwest division.
  • Josh Klane (MIN) — The Wind Chill open their home season tomorrow night and you can bet Klane will be trying to put on a show for their home fans. In week 2 he put on a show down in Chicago, throwing 10 assists on 70 touches while maintaining a 96% passing percentage. 

Seattle Cascades at Los Angeles Aviators - 10:30 PM/ET

  • Dennis Casio (SEA) —  When Seattle played LA last weekend, some long early points seem to have taken the gas out of the Seattle defense. This weekend, with defensive standout Zach Sabin on the reserve list, they'll look to Dennis Casio to step up and make some big plays. 
  • Joc Jimenez (LA) — Jimenez traveled to LA this spring from Bogota, Colombia in order to make an AUDL team. He made the Aviators roster and has already seen the field for 55 points through three games. His plus/minus is second on the team to 2018 team MVP Sean McDougall. Joc's making his AUDL dream come true. 

Sunday, April 28

Montreal Royal at New York Empire - 2:00 PM/ET

  • Kevin Quinlan (MTL) —  Along with Indy's "original six" players, Quinlan is the longest active player in the AUDL, playing in 2012 with the Rochester Dragons. Since joining the Montreal Royal in 2016 he's become their leader and captain. If you've caught an episode of the Montreal Royal's "Royal Uncut" series you've surely noticed his passion for the game. 
  • Jeff Babbitt (NY) — Babbitt came out strong in the Empire's first game of the season, putting up 1 assist, 5 goals, and 1 block while playing turnover free ultimate. His plus/minus of 7 for this game roughly matches his average performance in the 2017 season (~6.57 over 14 games) when he didn't have as much talent around him. If Babbitt is going to play like this all year, the Power Rankings might not change much up top. 


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