2016 ALL-AUDL First Team

Player Team Assists Goals Blocks Plus/Minus Completions/Attempts Points Played
Mischa Freystaetter 41 95* 13 +121* 280/298 416*
Mark Burton 60 40 3 +80 123/144 256
Dylan Tunnell 66 18 4 +45 472/509 288
Peter Graffy 35 21 41* +79 193/210 307
Jimmy Mickle 47 24 17 +64 212/233 252
Mark Elbogen 46 49 5 +72 255/280 305
Ryan Drost 23 35 31 +72 217/232 363

*Led league in 2016

Mischa Freystaetter — Jacksonville Cannons

There is not an offensive player like Freystaetter. 2016 saw him set league records for a single season in goals (95), points (136; 95 goals + 41 assists), and plus/minus rating (+121) by dominating the opposition with his otherworldly combination of size, speed, and field awareness. His headlining stats are so overwhelming that Freystaetter's other skills often get overlooked, like the fact that he completed a cool 94 percent of his 298 passes while playing a league-high 414 points.

Mark Burton — Seattle Cascades

Burton is a run-and-gun specialist, using timing and some of the strongest, quickest hands you've ever seen to toss darts all over the field and snag every disc in his vicinity. He ranked third in the league in assists while adding another 40 goals for good measure. His playmaking isn't just productive, but timely, as Burton came up with numerous big plays in big moments for the Cascades all season.

Dylan Tunnell — Atlanta Hustle

The league MVP in 2016, Tunnell was a captain and a howitzer with the disc, launching backhand bombs and performing at his peak during Atlanta's most important matchups. Just beyond his prime, Tunnell showed that he still has the wheels and ups to take advantage of almost any matchup if they gave him slack. But the alpha and omega of Tunnell's game are his throws, which were in no short supply as he finished second in the league with 66 assists in 2016.

Peter Graffy — Madison Radicals

In 2016 Graffy led the league for a second time in blocks and retained his status as the best ranging defender in the league. But what solidified his place on this list was his much improved arsenal of throws. Many times, Graffy would generate a turnover only to pick up the disc himself and rip a huck the length of the field to convert breaks and pacing Madison's top ranked defense.

Jimmy Mickle — Dallas Roughnecks

No player can match Mickle's all-around talent right now. Whether it's the full-field hucks, the skying grabs, the indefatigable energy, or the deceptively disruptive defense, Mickle has it all and, most importantly, can employ his talents at will. He defies categorization at this point in his career as he has learned to switch styles and positions on the fly to maximize his impact.

Mark Elbogen — Los Angeles Aviators

Much like Burton, Elbogen is a master of operating within a motion offense, using his speed and size upfield to get positioning on catches and dialing up half-field hammers with a simple flick of the wrist. With almost limitless range and the athleticism to get to any disc, Elbogen took over games for stretches at a time, showing a command and focus that was there in the past but didn't emerge until 2016.

Ryan Drost — New York Empire

Perhaps the most underrated player in the league—even while earning this spot—Drost outworks everyone on the field. He posted career highs in assists, goals, and blocks in 2016, while also registering 27+ blocks for the third straight season as a pro. When the disc is in the air and Drost gets a read, there a few players who can engage the gears he can.