Jeanne & Lee Cheese Join Hustle Ownership

Welcome Jeanne & Lee Cheese to the Atlanta Hustle Ownership Group. 

(Left to right): Evan, Aaron, Jeanne, Lee, Adam, & Thomas

The Atlanta Hustle are excited to welcome two new owners, Jeanne and Lee Cheese, to the organization. They join an ownership group that includes Albert Banks, John Boezi, Steve Hall, and Peter Thomas. The sister and brother-in-law of Peter Thomas, Jeanne and Lee Cheese have strong ties within the Atlanta community through their involvement in several civic and social organizations, including Better Marriages of Georgia and the Atlanta Chapter of Jack and Jill.

Hear from Jeanne and Lee directly


With four sons who played ultimate throughout their youth that are eager to take part in the new endeavor, the Cheeses are approaching their new professional sports team ownership from a family perspective. “They’re 100% all in,” laughed Jeanne. “They’re ready to be involved and are excited about our engagement with the Hustle.”


The Cheese family are passionate about growing ultimate and increasing the diversity and accessibility of the sport at the youth level.  “With our love for sports, and the fact that we understand ultimate, we know there’s an opportunity to increase exposure and interest,” said Lee. Jeanne added “We really saw it as an opportunity. This is a place and time where we feel we can have an impact, a place where we can give back to the community.” 


The couple cited ultimate’s set of principles in regards to sportsmanship and fair play as a unique aspect of the sport that can be critical in teaching morals and values to kids from a young age. These positive implications for the whole community spoke to both Jeanne and Lee.


Jeanne is originally from Atlanta, GA and graduated from the University of Georgia with a marketing degree. Lee grew up in Los Angeles, CA and attended Morehouse College, an HBCU in Atlanta. Lee’s background is in supply chain logistics software before he retired.