Hustle Roster Reveal 2019 - Staff

This week the Atlanta Hustle will be revealing our 2019 roster. We will start off by spotlighting our tremendous staff.


Director of Coaching Miranda Knowles

Coach Knowles returns for her 2nd campaign serving as both head coach and Director of coaching. This is her 5th season on the Hustle coaching staff, serving as an assistant from 2015-17. In 2018 she simulataneouly seved as Director of  Coaching and as Hustle head coach. Knowles successfully installed a fast paced possession-based offense that leveraged her team's strengths and wore down defenses. Defensively Coach Knowles serves up a signature zone defense called "Grits" that gunks up the South's high scoring offenses.


Coach Knowles has an unmatched resume filled with diverse experience as a successful player and coach at many levels. She is a respected figure within the ultimate community from coast to coast. Coach Knowles has been instrumental in building and growing the Atlanta Hustle since our very beginning. This year she will be assisted by George Summers.


Assistant Coach George Summers

George Summers joins the Hustle coaching staff as an assistant after coaching the area club team Bullet last summer. George is a University of Georgia alum who played for Jojah for 5 years, captaining in 2016-17. George is known for being analytical, hard working and dedicated. He will be a valuable asset that frees coach Knowles up to focus her attention on the bigger picture. George and his fiance are getting married this summer!


General Manager John Boezi

What does an AUDL general manager do? In the case of John Boezi pretty much everything. Boezi works side by side with Coach Knowles to steer the team’s direction as well as the van on road trips. He is involved in team selection, leadership decisions, roster decisions, contracts and supports all of the team’s logistical needs. Boezi is a mainstay at practice and on the sideline lending support to enable the coaching staff to focus on the team’s goals and strategy. Outside of team activities, Boezi is involved in all aspects of running the Hustle business, games, and camps.


Conditioning Coach Josh Bricker, of SPARC Athens

Coach Bricker is an elite strength and conditioning coach based in Athens, Ga at SPARC Athens. He is oveseeing programing and training of our athletes this year. SPARC is looking to grow their reach in ultimate and would love to help prepare your college or club team this season. Josh is also a country music singer!


The Big Hustle

Barry Clark, aka The Big Hustle, is an integral part of the Hustle’s personality. Standing 6’5” Barry is an imposing figure on the Hustle sideline. He oversees Hustle statistics, stadium setup and road trips.


Gameday Operations Manager

Tibb Le has been promoted into the new Gameday manager position. Tibb will oversee operations of ticketing, concessions, merchandise, and every other silo of the Hustle gameday experience.


Video Manager

Eric Kridle returns for his 5th season as video manager of the group we call Hustle Studios. He, Nathan Courtney, Tucker Warner, and Rede Hankinson have been filming and producing some of the best video content in the AUDL. They are passionate and skilled professionals who are constantly over delivering in the name of growing our sport’s media. They’ve got some great ideas cooking for this season, especially if you signed up for


Head Referee

We are grateful that Dusty Smith also returns for his 5th season as the head referee in Atlanta. The Atlanta crew was named a top crew in the league in 2017. If you are interested in becoming a ref too please reach out to Dusty.