2019 Hustle Roster Reveal

Today we are hype to announce the Hustle’s 2019 Captains.


#12 Matt Smith 

The Flying Hawaiian gets the C designation for the 3rd straight season. Matt is one of the most prolific receivers to ever play in the AUDL. He is one of the best natural scorers in the history of the league and has been a playmaker for the Hustle. With his rare combination of quickness, explosive jumping, cut timing, and feel for the game he is a nightmare to match up against. Smith has evolved to become an unguardable multidimensional player with exceptional skills in small tight spaces. In recent years he has developed a refined throwing arsenal complete with shifty fakes and multiple release points. Smith is great leader, always setting a prime example for his teammates. He dedicates himself to his team and generously gives his time to the Atlanta ultimate community. He will be back for his 2nd stint as Hustle Futures Camp coach and he was recently named director of AUDL camps where he will surely make an impact in other communities. Matt was born in Hawaii, went to school at Colby College in Maine, and lived in Birmingham before relocating to Atlanta.


#8 Christian Olsen

Christian Olsen returns for his 2nd season as Hustle captain. He is known for his smooth and fluid style of play. Olsen is a versatile hybrid who is a playmaker both on offense and defense. Olsen’s well rounded game fits perfectly into the Hustle’s fast paced offense where he can throw-and-go, break the mark, and threaten defenders sideline to sideline or downfield. He is a charismatic leader and a great communicator. Don’t let the nice guy exterior fool you. He is a fierce defender and fiery competitor. He is a Paideia and Emory alum who works as a business consultant.



Anders Olsen
Austin Taylor #2
Carter Rae #13
Christian Olsen #8
Daniel Sperling #00
Danny On
Devon Rogers #33
Jaime Perez
Jason Crowe
Josh Bush #20
Josh Turner #32
Karl Ekwurtzel
Kelvin Williams #11
Mason Cary
Matt Smith #12
Matthew Knowles #3
Paul Lally #22
Player Pierce #4
Robert Hunt
Sam Batson #82
Sam Gainer
Sun Choi #23
Taylor Minch #14
Trenton spinks #87
Will Lindquist #1



Alex Trautman
Brett Hulsmeyer #6
Christian Gaeta
Clark Missildine
Coleman Tappero #37
David Petmecky #60
Elijah Jaime #55
George Hughes
Hayden Austin-Knab #17
Javier Ortiz #9
Jeffrey Minowa #76
Joel Wooten #24
Mac McClellan #99
Michael Fairley
Phillip Dougherty
Victor Pria
Will Frolich
Will Johnson
Zack Avello #7