Cannons Welcome MOR-TV as Official Media Partner

April 28, 2022

The Tampa Bay Cannons are pleased to welcome MOR-TV as the official Media Partner for Cannons home games. MOR-TV Tampa along with EstrellaTV Tampa will join us with Team MOR before and during every Cannons home game with games and prizes. Watch MOR-TV and EstrellaTV Tampa Bay for great shows and programming and opportunities to win tickets to Tampa Bay Cannons home games this season.

Together we bring MORe to Tampa Bay!           

About MOR-TV

MOR-TV is a Hearst Television owned and operated television station in Tampa Bay and is one of America’s top Independents. MOR-TV features the best in off-network comedies, talk, dramas and more, featuring The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Schitt’s Creek, The Goldbergs, Mom, Last Man Standing, Modern Family, Family Guy, Steve Wilkos, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Tamron Hall and more. A big part of the MOR brand is Team MOR, a hand-picked group of television ambassadors that promote and market the MOR brands to our Tampa Bay friends and fans.  Look for them at Tampa Bay Cannons games throughout the season, as well as all over Tampa Bay at fun events!  MOR-TV is one of three stations in a group that includes MeTV Tampa Bay’s memorable television channel featuring the best of the best of television shows, dramas, and comedies, plus estrellaTV Tampa Bay, the fastest growing Hispanic entertainment channel in America. MOR channels are free to watch over the air using a digital antenna or via cable and satellite services.  MOR-TV’s website is  Find us on social media @mortampa.