Noah Burden: DC Breeze to DC United

March 1, 2019

Have you ever thought about joining the DC Breeze as an intern or volunteer? Not only is it a lot of fun, but it can also serve as great experience with a pro sports team that could lead to a career in sports. Here's our second story in the Breeze Intern series... this article features Noah Burden, who interned for the Breeze for two years while finishing a degree at George Mason University before landing an amazing full time job with DC United of Major League Soccer.

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Q&A with Noah Burden

DC United Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist


Q: What did you do when working for the Breeze? 

A: I had two different spells as an intern, one part-time and one full-time. Both were focused on the team's social media accounts and web content. I was responsible for posting daily content on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These included articles and announcements from the website, as well as pictures or re-posts from accounts. I had to create a sort of "voice" for the accounts and chime in to conversations with other DC teams, ultimate related discussions - anything where the Breeze could be relevant. I'd also help with announcements and articles on the websites, or other content series we were running.


Q: How did working for the Breeze help set you up for your current position?

A: I think the main thing that helped me was honing my communication and writing skills in a professional setting. I always considered myself a good writer, but having to condense it on Twitter or make it appealing in a web article was super important. I also wore a few different hats (so to speak), especially in my full-time experience. I was doing social media, web content, a little bit of marketing research, helping out with game day operations - it makes you have to focus on prioritization and multi-tasking. 


Q: In what way did working with a young professional sports league give you insight for transferring to more established teams?

A: Working for a team that doesn't have the kind of budget or reach that bigger teams can work within means that if you can succeed with the Breeze, you can make it work anywhere. I knew that going to a bigger team, I would have more resources, but the ideas and the work would be mostly the same. It also adds a different perspective to the organization you're going to. A bigger, more established team may look for someone with new ideas and a different point of view that you don't get working for a large organization.

Q: What enticed you to work with the Breeze?

A: I was drawn to the Breeze because I loved the idea of working in Ultimate. I played in college, so getting to tweet about ultimate and then go practice was pretty awesome. I also loved the idea of working in a smaller organization, like #3 talks about. And Don and Kellen are fantastic people to work with; they have a passion for the sport and the team and the community that's really awesome.


Q: If you could impart wisdom to other prospective interns, what would you like to say?

A: Don't be afraid to work for a smaller organization! There's so much pressure to get an internship with a big team or organization, but the experience you get working in an "all hands on deck" kind of environment is so awesome. I learned so much about what I wanted to do in my career and how I best work because I was in a situation where I did a little bit of everything. My old manager at my current team also said that my experience with the Breeze was a big reason why I was hired, which is probably the best thing any potential intern wants to hear.