Former Breeze Intern Now a Penguin

February 26, 2019

Have you ever thought about joining the DC Breeze as an intern or volunteer? Not only is it a lot of fun, but it can also serve as great experience with a pro sports team that could lead to a career in sports. Here's a Q&A with Alex Roessler, who interned for the Breeze for two years while finishing his degree at George Mason University before landing a 'Dream Job' with the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins!

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Q&A with Alex Roessler 

Pittsburgh Penguins Ice Hockey: Youth and Amateur Hockey Development Fellow 


Q: What did you do when working for the Breeze?

A: I started with the Breeze under the title "Charity and Youth Outreach" which meant that I coordinated with local charities and youth organizations to plan and execute game-day activities and youth clinics. As the season rolled along, I was able to help with operational and marketing tasks, such as picking up beer kegs before home games and traveling on the team bus to take stats and live-Tweet away games.


Q: How did working for the Breeze help set you up for your current position?

A: My current position with the Pittsburgh Penguins is very similar to what I did with the DC Breeze. During my time with the Breeze, I did a lot of youth clinics. At that time the American Ultimate Academy was just forming and I was able to help Rowan McDonnell with clinics and other initiatives. My role with the Penguins is similar in that growing the sport of hockey is always the number one objective.


Q: In what way did working with a young professional sports league give you insight for transferring to more established teams?

A: Working for the Breeze allowed me to do and experience a wide range of tasks and activities. Working for a smaller organization allowed me to try a lot more things and see what I liked. It’s much different than interning or working for a major league professional team where you don’t have as much of an opportunity to try new things outside of your department. The Sport Management program at George Mason University is set up to ensure that students get experience before they graduate. It’s a requirement that students complete a practicum (120 hours) and internship (400 hours) to graduate. I am glad that I chose to do my practicum with the Breeze because it allowed me learn what I wanted out of an internship and eventually a job. I’m lucky that I was able to find an internship with my hometown team that let me do things that I enjoy doing.


Q: What enticed you to work with the DC Breeze?

A: "I believe that I would be a great fit for the role of Charity and Youth Outreach Intern because it is one day my goal to work in a similar capacity for an NHL team.” That is a direct quote from my cover letter from when I reached out the Breeze about a possible internship. Two years later, I am thrilled to say that my goal has been reached and I know that joining the Breeze is a big reason for that success.


Q: If you could impart wisdom to other prospective interns, what would you like to say?

A: I would tell other interns that the Breeze are a great organization to intern with and that they should take the chance to do anything and everything that they can during their time with the Breeze.