December 18, 2018
By Evan Lepler

Perhaps it came and went subtly without your knowledge. It is, after all, typically a hectic time of year. But it’s worth mentioning...

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Beginning in 2018, the AUDL and EuroStars will partner up to provide a three-year commitment in growing the visibility and opportunities for women in ultimate. AUDL teams will host 8 games of the Americus Pro Cup.

The AUDL Power Rankings are back! And probably much sooner than you expected. There have been six franchises to win a title in the seven years of the league's existence. and 2019 is shaping up to...

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Today the American Ultimate Disc League announced a two-year deal with Stadium to bring live ultimate games across all of Stadium's digital and televised platforms. This will include 21 games in the 2018 season.


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