New Owners, New Future For Nashville NightWatch In 2018

November 2, 2017

The Nashville NightWatch will begin the 2018 season with a new ownership. David Trett and Luke Rodgers have bought the franchise from the previous ownership group, and are looking forward to bringing a revitalized NightWatch franchise to the buzzing professional sports scene in Nashville.

Top 10 plays from the 2017 Nashville NightWatch.

“Luke and I are honored to be the new owners,” said Trett, a former NightWatch player who recorded six assists and 12 goals as a pro in 2015. The NightWatch played their inaugural season in 2015, finishing with a 2-12 record in the South Division. Though the team has struggled to earn just three wins in two seasons since, both the front office and players are eager to change the team’s identity entering their fourth season.

“This is a new era for the Nashville Nightwatch,” Trett said. “We are proud to be leading this team into the future.”

The NightWatch organization are active leaders, organizers, and members of the Nashville ultimate community, and are helping cultivate a burgeoning sports scene. The team has had active ties with the local organizing body Nashville Ultimate Machine since the NightWatch’s inception, working to develop young players in all divisions of play through clinics and other outreach efforts. The NightWatch are also the first team to select a women to their opening day roster in AUDL history, as Jesse Shofner became the first woman to score a goal in professional ultimate on April 1, 2017.

Nashville's Jesse Shofner became the first woman to score a goal in professional ultimate history.

“We are really excited to welcome David and Luke into the AUDL family,” said AUDL Commissioner Steve Gordon. “Both of them have a passion for sports and have shown the ability to build successful businesses. We’d also like to thank Garrett Bruce and the rest of the previous ownership group for their hard work the past three seasons.”

Trett is a local business owner in the Nashville community who runs The Red Bicycle coffee shop. Rodgers is an entrepreneur, executive director of Project Spartacus, co-owner of an event marketing and PR firm, and co-host of the massively popular podcast, Sports Related.

The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) is the premier professional ultimate frisbee league in the United States and Canada. The fastest growing sport and professional league on the continent, the AUDL is broadcast live weekly on AUDL.TV/Live throughout the summer months, showcasing the best athletes in the sport to an international audience. During the 2018 season, each of the league’s 24 teams will play 14 regular-season games to determine which is eligible for the playoffs.